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Choosing a Nourishing Body Wash Made of Natural Ingredients

Are you looking for a body wash that you can trust? Many people have switched from bar soap to a body wash since it offers a safe and gentle way to clean the body.


However, it can be challenging to choose the perfect body wash. Today's market is filled with options, all of which have unique scents, different ingredients, and are created for a certain kind of customer.


That doesn't mean you should choose a body wash at random. On the contrary, this is the best way to end up with itchy and irritated skin. The right ingredients play a huge part when selecting a nourishing body wash that makes you feel great.


If you want to take care of your skin without using dangerous chemicals, a body wash like Pure Gardenia & Shea Body Wash from Hand Over Heart is an excellent option.


Ingredients to Stay Far Away From


What you use to wash your body can affect your health. Over time, using harsh chemicals can result in damage – and sometimes that cannot ever be repaired. So if you care about your skin, it's time to pay more attention to the body wash you use. Below are several ingredients that you should avoid at all costs.




Triethanolamine, monoethanolamine, and diethanolamine are all important to avoid. These are colorless, clear, viscous liquids that carry a scent similar to ammonia.


Unfortunately, they also happen to be common in all kinds of body washes and other skin products.


You'll find these items in soap, facial cleansers, fragrances, eye makeup, sunscreens, and hair products.




Parabens come in all forms and are often indicated by the prefixes methyl, ethyl, butyl, and propyl. Sometimes these ingredients aren't even labeled, so you need to be careful. These are used as preservatives and there is some evidence that they can cause hormone imbalances.


Parabens are in all sorts of things, including deodorants, moisturizers, and body washes.




Also called polyethylene glycol, PEG is an ingredient that is responsible for leeching moisture from the skin. It is most commonly used to thicken products or adjust their melting point.


The best body wash will not include PEG, which is also commonly found in cleansers that dissolve grease and oil.


Propylene Glycol


Another ingredient that can be harmful to the skin, yet manages to be included in body wash, is propylene glycol. This is a gas-based hydrocarbon in a liquid state. It's most commonly used as a surfactant.


However, this ingredient can easily penetrate your skin and cause changes to protein and cellular structure. It's often used to create herbal extracts.




Sulfates, especially sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, are detergents often located in body care products. These are responsible for making products bubble, lather, and foam. However, they aren't good for your skin and should be avoided.


Nearly nine out of 10 products that foam up contain these, so be on the lookout for them.


Synthetic Fragrances


If you notice something on a label marked as artificial or synthetic, it's a red flag. These can be made of hundreds or thousands of ingredients that aren't displayed on the label. So if you choose to use the product, you have no idea what your body is being exposed to.


Synthetic fragrances are typical in body wash and other skincare products. However, they also will be found in other household items like scented trash bags, air fresheners, and candles.




This ingredient is a synthetic antibacterial that can cause thyroid issues. It also turns into dioxin, which is a chemical that has been linked with many toxic issues, including cancer. You'll find triclosan in items like toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, mouthwash, and soap.


When you choose a body wash, make sure you look for these ingredients and others that might be harmful to the body. The best rule of thumb is to read the list of ingredients. Other items to watch out for are formaldehyde, phosphates, dyes, caustic agents, and animal by-products.


Safe Body Wash Made to Moisturize and Cleanse


One thing that sets Hand Over Heart apart from other brands that offer body washes and shampoos is that they refuse to use potentially dangerous ingredients. The website for the brand has a list of "never-evers" that you can browse. You'll notice that none of the ingredients above are listed. It also includes other items that can't be found in their products.


The Pure Gardenia & Shea Body Wash is an excellent example of a pure cleanser for the body that doesn't use a bunch of chemicals. Despite that, it has a soft lather that is gentle on the body for removing dirt while hydrating, cleaning, and moisturizing the skin.


This is a pure formula that contains gentle emollients and cleansers. Some of the included ingredients are pentylene glycol, glycerin, and coconut oil. These blend together to create a pH-balanced body wash that makes sure you get nice and clean without any skin irritation.


Another perk of this product is that it is entirely cruelty-free. Love for animals and the environment is part of the foundation of all of the products by the brand. The body wash is gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable. In addition, it is not tested on animals.


When you choose a pure body wash like those from Hand Over Heart, you get a product that does its job but without causing harm to you or anyone else. This body wash is made in the United States and guaranteed to meet your needs. The brand also offers products for skin and hair care, baby and kids, pets, and household essentials.


Choose Proven Pure Skin Care Products


There's no reason to settle for second-best, especially with products that are used on your body. That's why it's important to know what you're buying. Watch out for hazardous ingredients and choose a body wash made by companies devoted to making a difference.


You can be sure you'll get all that and more when you shop at Hand Over Heart.





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