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How You Should Use Bar Soap (And Why!)

While there are so many reasons to prefer a bar soap over a gel wash, sometimes it can be difficult for people to get the most use out of their bar soap when they just don’t know how to use it. If you’re one of those people that really want to get into bar soaps but just haven’t had the best experiences with them, this article is for you!

Here, we’ll discuss how to properly use bar soap for its main purpose and the myriad of other possible uses of bar soap that there are!

How to Properly Use Bar Soap

Have you ever just taken a bar or put some slight bar soap residue in your hand and cleaned yourself with it? Afterward, your skin feels clogged or like there’s still some residue on your body. This feeling can last for long after you've washed up. 

Take a soap bar, like a delightfully scented Pure Therapeutic Lemongrass Cleansing Soap bar, and use a cloth or loofa to collect the soap. Then work it into a lather like you would gel soaps. This will use less soap while also ensuring that you use an even amount of soap. On top of that, there should never be a thick residue left behind.

Consider this!

Colder water makes it easier to produce soap lather! Taking a colder shower will make it easier for you to get the most sudds out of your bar soap. This can also help your soap bar last longer.

How to Properly Store Bar Soap

The name of the game when keeping soap is keeping it dry! The drier your soap stays, the longer it will last.

Cut the soap up into multiple pieces, try thirds, and store the unused pieces elsewhere in the bathroom. Smaller pieces don’t get as wet and are easier to handle when you’re slippery in the shower.

Also, use a soap dish with a lot of holes to maximize airflow. Keep the soap dish away from water spray as well to reduce the amount of water the soap comes into contact with.

The Multitude of Uses for Bar Soap

Oh, you thought that bar soap could be just for your body. Well, when you use a moisturizing-centric soap like the Pure Therapeutic Lemongrass Cleansing Soap bar, you may be too attached to it to use it for household purposes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! Before soap companies began expanding, and certain soaps became about cleaning a specific part of your body or house, bar soap was used for everything.

Everything? Yes, from the floor to fixing squeaking doors, bar soap was used for just about everything when it came to cleaning in a household. With that in mind, how can you take this methodology and use it in your modern home without getting rid of your laundry detergent?

Minor Home Fixes

Do you have a drawer that just isn’t opening smoothly anymore or a sliding door that’s always stuck? Run a little bit of a soap bar on the place where the door or drawer opens, and then close it a few times to distribute the soap. You should soon notice that it begins opening smoother.

Voila! Bar soap has helped you fix your drawers and doors.

If you have nails or pinholes on your walls, soap can also help you fill them up to make your walls smooth again. Find a bar of soap; this is easiest if your walls are white, and rub the bar over the hole to fill it. Wipe away the excess and enjoy clean-looking walls again.

Prevent Paint Bleeding

If you’re painting around a window, take some soap and cover the glass with any tape you use. If any paint splashes up, it will be easy to wipe away as it will be stuck to the soap rather than the surface of the window.

Reduce Smell in Shoes

Putting a bar of soap in a pair of smelly old boats is a wise woman’s simple trick to reducing bad smells in any pair of shoes.

Do you have a pair of work boots or gym shoes that make your nostrils flare when you catch a whiff of them? With this tip, you can have your shoes smell like a relaxing bath; the lemongrass smell of Pure Therapeutic Lemongrass Cleansing Soap is great to carry around with you everywhere!

Prevent Animals from Chewing on Furniture

A great way to prevent small animals, like dogs, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, or other small domesticated creatures, is by running a bar of soap along the wooden or metal legs of chairs, tables, or sofas they like to chew on.

With a pure soap bar from Hand over Heart, you can be sure that even if your little buddy tries to chew on your furniture and gets the taste of soap in their mouth, nothing about it will actually harm them. But the taste will dissuade them from trying to nibble on your furniture again.

Tip: Don’t Use the Whole Bar

If you decide to use any of these tips, remember you don’t have to use an entire bar to get these effects. Break off a hunk of the bar, cut it, or use small, otherwise unusable, pieces of bar soap for these household tasks.

But don’t be afraid to get more use out of your soap bar than just cleaning yourself! Get the most value you can out of the purchase of your Pure Therapeutic Lemongrass Cleansing Soap bar. If you wish you could enjoy its lovely scent all over your home, you can and should!

Get a Pure l Bar Soap that Works for You

By getting soap from Hand Over Heart, you’re getting a pure product made right in the USA. Pure Therapeutic Lemongrass Cleansing Soap is lightly scented and formulated for sensitive skin.

Choose the best bar of soap that suits your needs and your skin type, knowing that it's safe and cruelty-free! While you’re at it, consider how you can use this bar all around your house to make the most of every last spec!



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