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Pure Sage & Lime Protection


At Hand Over Heart, we know the history of the beauty industry’s footprint, which is why we’ve taken the responsibility of making USDA certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and certified cruelty free products like Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant right on American soil. We like our customers to know what’s in their bath and beauty products, where they come from and, maybe more importantly, where they wind up, so you can go with your heart knowing we went with ours.

Hand Over Heart makes all of our products with pure ingredients. Our Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant has an organic sage and lime essential oil blend, organic coconut oil, organic cornstarch, organic beeswax, and organic rosemary extracts.

Hand Over Heart’s Pure Sage & Lime deodorant is formulated with pure ingredients that work with your skin’s natural processes and the earth’s, so you can feel fresh, protected, and heart-centered all day long.

Natural & Organic:

Most deodorants contain ingredients we can’t pronounce derived from some source we couldn’t name on the edge of a continent we’ve never set foot on. With Hand Over Heart’s Pure Sage & Lime deodorant, we ensure all-day protection and confidence with ingredients so good you can practically eat them.

We are USDA certified organic and use only the best, cosmetic grade, essential oils, and cold-pressed coconut oil to maintain freshness in our ingredients so you can maintain underarm freshness all day every day.

Rather than the industry standards for antiperspirants that use animal byproducts and testing, harmful agents like aluminum, additives with potential unwanted long-term side effects, or chemicals that are harmful to the environment, our Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant utilizes the pure properties of its ingredients and the pure systems of your skin to formulate an environmentally safe and ethical product that effectively protects and smells delicious.

Sage & Lime Essentials

Starting with a blend of essential sage and lime oils adds a zesty, earthy aroma to our pure deodorant that we finish off with the bold protection of rosemary. Sage has numerous health benefits on top of giving you grounding nose-feels, including antiseptic and antifungal properties in topical applications. It's also an antioxidant, which prevents wrinkles and spots, and an antibacterial that helps to keep those unpleasant underarm smells at bay for the entire day.

Lime adds a zesty note to the aromatic profile of this formula, but lime leaf also maintains antibacterial and antiseptic properties, effectively nullifying those germs that cause unpleasant body odors, so you can feel confident and clean.

Rosemary is the magical herb that tops off this recipe. With its antiviral, antifungal, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, and aroma therapeutic properties, rosemary makes a final addition to the scent-fighting essential oils used in our Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant.

These three ingredients are the start in our pure formula which we round out with pure protectors like organic beeswax, organic corn starch, and organic coconut oil.

Beeswax, Cornstarch & Coconut Oil Protect

pH stands for potential Hydrogen and is generally a measurement of a liquid state. When we’re talking about pH about skin, we’re talking about what scientists have deemed the acid mantle, a thin layer of moisture secreted by sebaceous and sweat glands to protect your skin. This mantle replenishes within an hour of a shower, so any ingredients you’re applying that aren’t influencing the natural processes of your skin are essentially canceled out.

Hand Over Heart works with the natural processes of your skin to help it rebalance its pH without harming the environment or your budget.

The Beeswax in Pure Sage & Lime deodorant works to naturally hydrate and moisturize while also forming a protective barrier that locks in hydration, lime, sage, and rosemary, while also forming a hydrophobic barrier that keeps moisture from accumulating on top of the skin, thus preventing bacteria buildup and unwanted moisture. Beeswax has also been found to have antimicrobial properties that prevent skin infections. It also prevents any transfer of buildup onto your clothes.

On top of this, we use cornstarch to absorb any excess moisture, leaving your underarms dry and zesty throughout the day.

Coconut oil works as an emollient to moisten and soften your skin, allowing the antiperspirant and antimicrobial effects of the sage, lime, and rosemary to fully penetrate your skin, while cornstarch prevents buildup and chafing, keeping your underarms baby smooth.


Using pure ingredients with antibacterial properties prevents the buildup of odorizing bacteria, effectively solving the problem of unwanted body odor at the source. Extra layers of antibacterial protections like those in coconut oil and beeswax make Hand Over Heart’s Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant a top choice in effectiveness among industry standards for natural beauty products.

Our Ethics

Our pledge is to create nourishing, healthy household and beauty products so families the world over can protect their loved ones and live a pure and better life. That’s why we’ve created wholesome, pure, organic products like Pure Sage & Lime deodorant. pure protection with pure ingredients from Hand Over Heart brings you effective beauty that’s as good for you and your loved ones as it is for the environment.


So far, our customers have some of the following things to say:

Works great! No odor

I am really liking this deodorant. It glides on easily without thick buildup. I stay odor free all day long, even when I've been out walking or working around the house. None of this transfers onto my clothing either.”

It works

Scented with essential oils, Pure Protection Deodorant smells subtle--like citrus and herbs. I like that there are no harsh chemicals in this product. It works to keep me smelling fresh even when I'm working out in the yard, sweating under the hot sun. The secret, it seems, is coconut oil which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. I like everything about this organic product by HAND OVER HEART.”

As you can see, Hand Over Heart delivers on two of the biggest shortcomings most people find with natural products rather than the industry-standard, chemically-based units—effectiveness and smell. In the case of a deodorant, those are two areas where you really don’t want your product to fail. What’s more, we’ve found a pure barrier between sweat and your clothes that will keep your underarms dry and free of unsightly stains.

The other part of our pledge is that if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied, so try Hand Over Heart’s Pure Sage & Lime deodorant or any of our other pure bath, beauty, baby, and cleaning products at and leave us a review.

We meet the needs of our customers creating supply where there’s demand for an eco-conscious, responsible bath and beauty products company with products that work well for you. Whether you’re working hard or resting easy, Hand Over Heart’s pledge is designed to bring you peace of mind in every aspect of your daily routine whether you’re hoping to prevent moisture buildup with Pure Sage & Lime Deodorant, moisturize with our Pure Gardenia & Shea Body Wash, or clean up with one of our pure home cleaning products.








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