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Tips and Tricks for Shampooing Baby’s Hair

Let’s be honest…babies are cute and taking care of them is rewarding, but some things are more challenging than others. Shampooing their hair for the first time can be one of those times. Of course, you want to make sure you keep the little one nice and clean, but you don’t want to stress them out and make the process uncomfortable.


The good news is that whether you’re an old hand at shampooing baby’s hair or this is your first time, there are tips that can help. Once you finish reading, you’ll be able to do it at ease, regardless of whether the baby loves baths or absolutely hates them.


Double-Check the Water Temperature


A baby has sensitive skin and you don’t want to expose it to hot water. On the other hand, the water shouldn’t be cold either. You want to ensure the water temperature is warm and comfortable to clean the baby’s hair and the rest of their body.


The best way to ensure the correct temperature is to test it on your own skin. Use the inside of your wrist to understand how the temperature feels on a tiny tot. If it feels a bit too hot, add some cold water. Test again until you get it right.


In addition, you want to avoid any random hot water touching the baby’s skin. So make sure you put the baby in the bath after the faucet has been turned off. It’s also important to turn off the cold tap last. This prevents surges of hot water from coming out of the tap and onto the baby’s skin.


Keep the Child Warm


Experts agree that babies should be bathed in no more than two or three inches of water. This is a safety tip that you should abide by. However, you don’t want the baby’s skin out of the water to get cold.


Therefore, it’s best to be sure the room where you are shampooing is warm before you start.


If you have a cup near the area where you are giving the bath, you can use it to pour warm water over the baby’s shoulders at regular times. This will ensure they stay nice and warm throughout the process.


There’s No Need to Shampoo Every Day


A baby has no need to have their hair shampooed every day. Most of them don’t need it every other day. Babies aren’t out running miles every day or otherwise getting their hair dirty.


There’s another reason to avoid too much hair washing, as well. If it’s done every day, it might lead to dry skin, which can be uncomfortable. In addition, this could make the baby even less excited to see everything ready for a bath.


Protect the Baby’s Eyes


Hair washing will be more exciting for the baby if water and shampoo don’t make it into their eyes. All you need to do is shield their eyes with your hand when you wash out the shampoo you chose.


Even if you make sure the baby has their head tilted back, drips can still get into their face and eyes. It’s a surefire way to cause a bit of grumpiness.


Shampoo Where It Works Best


If you have a child who doesn’t love water or you want to avoid kneeling on the floor, baths don’t have to take place in a tub. While you can’t avoid water while bathing the baby, you can make it less stressful in some situations.


For example, even if the baby is fully clothed, you can wash their hair under the faucet.


All you need to do is massage in a natural shampoo and then rinse by gently tipping their hair back under a faucet. Make sure you check the temperature just like you would for a traditional bath.


Put It at the End


When bathing and washing hair in the same session, consider saving the shampooing for last. Many babies are okay during a bath but get upset and annoyed when you try to work with their hair. If you save it for last, it may make the rest of the bath more relaxing for everyone involved.


Choose the Right Shampoo


You want to be sure that the products you use for your child are safe and healthy. That’s why we recommend using items like Pure Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. Since it comes as a shampoo and body wash, you only need one product to get through the bath time experience. But that’s only the first reason you should try it.


This shampoo and body wash is all-natural and plant-based to ensure your baby’s skin is hydrated and nourished. Only natural cleansers and emollients are used to create a gentle lather that gets rid of dirt while soothing and moisturizing the baby’s skin.


In addition, this shampoo uses only safe and non-irritating ingredients. It contains several healthy ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C, coconut oil, aloe vera, and cucumber. It comes with no chemicals or other ingredients you won’t recognize, so you can feel good about using it on your baby.


This shampoo is pediatrician-recommended and formulated for the specific needs of a baby’s skin. It does not contain ingredients that could irritate or harm the skin. It has no sulfates, triclosan, salicylates, parabens, MEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients, perfumes, caustics, eye-numbing agents, formaldehyde, PEGs, phosphates, DEA, gluten, animal by-products, or dyes.


If you use cruelty-free products, this shampoo and body wash will be a welcome addition to your home. The company cares about the environment and the well-being of animals. Each of the products is made to be gluten-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and gluten free. Products are also not tested on animals.


When you put all of these things together, you get a baby’s body wash and shampoo that you can trust. It will leave you clean and happy when bath time comes around.


Shampooing Your Baby’s Hair Has Never Been Easier


Follow the tips above to make sure bath time is enjoyable rather than being the source of fussiness and upset. As you get used to washing your baby’s hair, the child will become more comfortable with it.


Remember that your own mood can rub off, so try to avoid being anxious or nervous. Use the best products possible during your next bath session!





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